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OneWash Vacuums

Sonny's Vacuums

Set it and forget it

Stainless-steel professional grade durability and swap program to maximize uptime.

Why Choose Sonny's Vacuums

More Uptime

An available four-step filtration and separation process reduces clogging, which improves the vacuum system's turbine performance and increases your time between maintenance intervals.

Lower Utility Consumption

High-speed balanced impellers power up to 14 drops on a single ultra-efficient producer, delivering optimized performance while simultaneously reducing utility expenses.

Exclusive Turbine Swap Program

In the rare event that you experience diminished performance, we'll ship you a replacement turbine to keep your services up and running while yours is being serviced.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our design team will craft a custom site layout with optimized customer flow, improving both throughput and customer satisfaction. Every aspect of your vacuum stations – from the attractive canopy systems to the Sonny's-exclusive crevice-claw, durable mat cleaners, point-of-use cyclone separators, and branded trash receptacles are designed to create an elevated customer experience that will convert passersby to loyal fans.


Central Vacuum Systems

SONNY'S Central Vacuum Systems come in multiple sizes – from 10HP up to 30HP – and can support up to 14 drops on one single system. Our vacuum systems are completely built in-house and all impellers are high-speed balanced for total quality control.

Vacuum Canopies

SONNY'S Vacuum Canopy is the perfect addition to your interior care area. Our vacuum canopies are designed for easy access, providing customers with shelter from the harsh sun and other elements. The boom design keeps hoses securely off the ground, providing improved access to both sides of the vehicle. Choose from a wide selection of boom styles, canopy colors, drop kits, attachments and piping.

Vacuum Station Accessories

SONNY'S Stainless Steel Custom Trash Receptacle: Mounts to your Sonny's Vacuum Post System and improves your site's appearance and branding.

SONNY'S Hose Reel: Has a noticeably-loud, 180-degree self-locking ratchet that can be wall or ceiling mounted for improved safety.

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