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To capture, upsell, and retain your unfair share of customers both onsite & online.

Why Choose Sonny's Marketing

Capture More

Everything about your car wash marketing strategy – from a maintaining a strong brand identity to menu design, street signage, and even online marketing – should be oriented towards helping you accomplish one thing: to lure more cars away from the street and into your tunnel. With Sonny's fully-managed marketing services, you have access to the industry's most effective marketing team to help you promote your brand message and capture more customers. Our team of highly-trained experts can handle everything from complete brand concepts to die-cut signs, grand entrance arches, lighting, and even online marketing — all customized to help you achieve your business objectives.

Increase Your
Incremental Revenue

You created top packages and manager's specials for a reason: to increase your incremental per-car revenue. Now, it's up to you to compel your customers to try your most premium packages and/or aftercare service add-ons. For this, you'll need to leverage an appealing and well-recognized consumer brand, deploy attractive signage around your site, and promise a memorable customer experience. Sonny's has created a suite of on-site marketing solutions – from proven signage concepts to lights, applicators, and chemical solutions to help you address each of these points and convert that basic wash customer into a premium upsell.

Retain Your
Unfair Share

The world of commercial car washing has forever changed: no longer is it good enough to simply capture more cars – to truly succeed in today's marketplace, you must also convert your casual customers into raving, returning fans. Forward-thinking car wash operators understand this and have engaged in a host of new channels – from social media to e-mail, fundraisers, and loyalty programs – to build a resilient customer base, grow recurring revenue streams, and gain a lasting edge over their competition.


Car Wash Logo Design
& Branding Services

Let the creative team behind some of the most memorable brands in commercial car washing create a custom brand concept for your car wash business. We'll work with you to create an impactful, well-integrated brand image that is designed to elevate your customer experience and foster a loyal customer base.

Digital & Static Menu
Design Services

Deploy menu design concepts that are proven to upsell customers towards your highest-margin packages. Let our team of marketing and branding experts design a menu that communicates your brand and effectively demonstrates customer value. We also provide digital menu video design services to enable the next generation of flexible car wash packaging and merchandising.

Site Signage
& Lighting

Convey the right message and win more customers with Sonny's complete catalog of car wash signage. Whether you need to guide your customers safely around your site, advertise a special promotion, or create a memorable customer experience in your tunnel, Sonny's signage and lighting solutions are up to the task.

Website Design & Fully-Managed Marketing Services

Put the most effective marketing team in the car wash industry to work for you with Sonny's fully-managed marketing services. Launch a responsive, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized website that is designed to improve your appearance in local mobile searches, collect employment applications, and promote your brand. Integrate your new website with your Sonny's controls systems for easy online shopping and real-time pricing. *Sonny's fully-managed marketing services also includes optional local digital search and display advertising, remarketing, and targeted online ads.

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