Equipment Repair Course

Car Wash Equipment Repair


With 5-days of hands-on training, graduates of this program return to their washes with the knowledge, and confidence, to repair sixty-seven (67) of the most common equipment, and their components, failures. With proper preventive maintenance, car wash equipment is inherently reliable, but no amount of maintenance can completely eliminate the possibility of a component failing. Being able to react quickly to the inevitable equipment malfunctions provides owners/operators with peace of mind. And aren’t there enough distractions on any given day without adding more? This program is an investment that delivers results – time savings – revenue savings – a better product – a better bottom line.

Participants will also learn the basic flow of electricity and troubleshooting techniques as they relate to a professional car wash.

Course Agenda

What you'll learn in this course

Day 1Monday Day 2Tuesday Day 3Wednesday Day 4Thursday Day 5Friday
  • An introduction to CarWash College
  • Over-under conveyor & hydraulic power pack overview
  • Lab time: Over-under conveyor & hydraulic power pack
  • Light touch equipment overview (wrap-around washer, side-to-side mitter, top motor side washer, and bottom motor side washer)
  • Lab time: Light touch equipment
  • Tire brush & high pressure overview
  • Lab time: Tire brush & high pressure
  • Finish and support equipment overview
  • Lab time: Finish and support equipment
  • Final exam
  • Water treatment
  • Graduation luncheon

Course Schedule (Lab/Classroom Training)

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