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Whether you're operating one site or multiple sites, when it comes to managing your business, you want to stay up-to-date and utilize the technology you are paying for. You want to get things done, eliminate errors, improve efficiency, have reports that you can use and understand, and market effectively.

With 3-days of hands-on training, attendees of this program will return to their washes with the knowledge to really understand their car wash management technology and how to leverage that technology to its maximum capabilities.

Program participants will work along side Sonny’s Controls experts for a thorough understanding of the following components:

  • Sonny’s Tunnel Controller
  • Sonny’s Pay Station
  • Sonny’s Back Office
  • Sonny’s Point of Sale
  • … and other features like marketing and reporting.

You will walk away understanding the features you need to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Course Agenda

What you'll learn in this course

Day 1Monday Day 2Tuesday Day 3Wednesday
  • Introduction to SONNY’S© CarWash College
  • Tunnel Controller Overview
  • Tunnel Controller Configuration
  • Tunnel controller Lab
  • Pay Station Overview
  • Point of sale
  • Pay Station and Point of Sale Labs
  • Back Office
  • Back Office Lab
  • Graduation Dinner

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