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All-in-One Car Wash Back Office Management

Engineered with state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies, this car wash point-of-sale package gives you the ability to completely manage and control each of your car wash sites - any time, anywhere!

Features Include:

Inventory Management: View inventory levels, thresholds, C.O.G.S., and count variances to decrease shrinkage. Apply different tax rules and prices at each site.

Multi-Site Management: Manage all of your sites from one central location! Share washes, merchandise, club plans, wash books, gift cards, customers, and employees across each site. Have site-specific requirements? Our site-specific customizations feature allows you to isolate any aspect of your business to one or just a few sites.

Mobile Management: You'll have full access to manage your car wash any time, anywhere with mobile management. View real-time dashboards, reports, and make changes directly from your smartphone!

Flexible Club & Wash Book Plans: Sell & redeem single or family cards and support fundraisers for each site. Specify which wash(es) are included and offer upgrades to higher-priced packages. Monitor your actual cost and customize redemption limits, frequency, and more.

Promotions: Distribute one-time use codes / vouchers and configure discounts with complete control over redemption rules.

Car Wash Dashboards: Create a specific dashboard for each site. Our at-a-glance site management tool allows you to compare daily, monthly, and annual statistics. Keep an eye on your KPI's in real time to make better-informed cost-savings choices.

Preventative Maintenance Tracking: Complete equipment, parts, and maintenance tracking. Get notified when parts and equipment are reaching their end of life and stay on top of your maintenance schedule.

E-mail & Text Reports: Build custom reports delivered straight to your inbox - view hourly, daily, or monthly statistics, and keep on top of your wash during the busiest of times.

Employee Management: Simplify your HR process by monitoring labor % based on gross, net, and cars. Complete time sheets, compensation, and access control.

House Accounts: One size doesn't always fit all. Customize accounts to meet your needs along with reporting insights and invoice generation.

Main Features

  • Flexible Point-of-Sale System

    Whether you have a Full-Serve, Flex-Serve or an Express wash, we have all the features you need to operate your wash.

  • E-Commerce & Account Management

    Start selling your unlimited plans, wash books and gift cards online within a matter of seconds. Give your customers the convenience to completely manage their own plans from their computer or phone.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Compare daily, monthly, and/or annual site metrics with simple, at-a-glance reports. Plus, with automatic email and text reporting, you’ll have the information you need to make quick operational decisions on the fly, saving you time and money. Access all Back-Office features right from your phone or tablet.

  • Unlimited Plans

    Flexibility to sell, redeem and manage unlimited plans at all your sites. Monitor your actual costs, customize the redemption and frequency limits to match your business model.

  • Operations Management

    Manage employees, labor costs, maintenance requirements and monitor incident claims to reveal trends that allow you to operate more efficiently and profitably.

  • Intuitive Interface

    All interfaces – from our Back-Office management portal to our POS touchscreen – are designed to reduce the time it takes to perform any action.

Extended Features

Designed for a fast paced environment to increase throughput and reduce human error. Don’t buy POS packages, buy a POS that comes with everything you need to increase revenue and cut costs.

Club Plans & Wash Books: Sale and redemption of monthly recurring plans, full account management, and quick credit card update. Sale of monthly recurring plans from SONNY’S PayStation and Unitec Sentinel.

Club Plan Upgrade: Prompt cashiers to upgrade club redemptions to a higher priced wash and collect the difference.

Club Plan Changes: Easily upgrade or downgrade club plans from the POS without the need of reselling.

Swipe/Scan & Go: Need to keep your wash book and club plan line moving? Scan a barcode or swipe a card to immediately process a redemption wash.

Event Driven Promotions: Keep customers coming back by automatically offering discounts on their next visit based on what they just purchased.

Build Customer Loyalty: Customized loyalty programs with or without a card. Configure loyalty points per wash and assign redemption limits. Offer an upgrade to capture additional revenue from the redemption.

Customer & License Plate Tracking: Track customers the way that fits your business. Manage customer by loyalty cards, name, or vehicle/license plate. Know their last visit, loyalty points, and review detailed of transaction history.

House/Fleet Accounts: Process House Accounts using cards, RFID or barcodes. Eliminate chasing monthly invoices by using the pre-pay option to collect a set amount up front to deduct from.
Pre-Sell & Wash Queue Management: Pre-Sell from one POS and tender out at another. Monitor your tunnel queue, reorder, delete and retract equipment directly from the POS.
Future-Proof Operating System: Stay secure with the only Linux POS in the car wash industry. Take control of your security and avoid internal and external security threats.
Remote Technical Support: You’re never too far away. Give Technical Support access to the POS to lend a hand or conduct a diagnosis.
E-Commerce: Start selling your Monthly Plans, Wash Books and Gift Cards Online. Quick and easy setup, no website needed. Sell as much or as little as you want and manage the products offered in your webstore anytime, anywhere.
Monthly Plan Self-Service Portal: Eliminate additional labor by letting your customers manage their own plan online. Customers get notifications for declines, credit card expiration want and can update their credit card information to ensure no disruptions in service.

True Multi-Site

Engineered with the most state of the art technologies to give you full access to management and visibility of your site, or multiple sites, anytime, anywhere.

  • Share Customers

    Access customer data, redeem recurring plans, wash books and gift cards from all sites or limit to specific sites.

  • Share Employees

    Freely allocate employees across sites and manage their time sheets at a global or site-specific level.

  • Share Promotions

    Quickly create custom promotions and allow the redemptions at all sites or limit to specific sites.

Truly Flexible

  • Flexible, Secure & Always Up-to-Date
    • Linux-based OS for maximized security
    • Instantly sync all site data to the cloud
    • New software features added regularly
  • Easy Maintenance & Support
    • Off-the-shelf, non-proprietary parts
    • Device statuses for easy troubleshooting
    • Remote access for immediate support


  • Mobile Management Anytime, Anywhere:

    Full access to manage your wash on the go from any device with internet. Real time dashboards, reports, and complete control of your wash.

  • Car Wash Specific Dashboard:

    At a glance site management to compare daily, monthly, and annual stats. Keep an eye on your wash’s KPIs in real time to make real time operational cost savings or revenue generating decisions.

  • Car Wash Specific Reporting:

    Dig down into your business analytics to track & increase revenue, cut costs, and gain full transparency into your wash’s operations.

  • Multi-Site Management:

    Manage all your sites from one location. Share washes, merchandise, club plans, wash books, gift cards, customers, and employees across all sites. Hand pick what to share with site-specific customization to fit your needs.

  • Flexible Club & Wash Book Plans:

    Sell and redeem single cards, family, and fundraiser plans from all of your sites. Specify wash included and offer upgrades to higher priced washes. Monitor your actual cost and customize the redemption limits and frequency to match your business model.

  • Self Service Prepaid Portal:

    Allow your customers to manage their own prepaid accounts from anywhere. Look up balances, history, and update billing information-all without needing to interact with an attendant onsite. One-time use codes/Campaigns: Mass generate one-time use codes, track redemptions, and compare performance.

  • General Discounts:

    Create discounts with any combination of rules, dollar, percent, expiration dates, and starting dates.

  • Preventative Maintenance Tracking:

    Complete equipment, parts, and maintenance tracking. Get notifications to your inbox when parts & equipment are reaching their end of life and stay ahead of routine maintenance, all based on car count.

  • Incident Reporting:

    Attendants can enter the incident information from any device. Email reports to management and never lose track of incidents or their resolutions. Run reports to monitor trends of what is causing the damage or where the damage is occurring.

  • Email & Text Reports:

    Don’t want to visit your dashboard? Get valuable reports delivered to your inbox or via text. Hourly, daily, every other day, or any combination that fits your needs.

  • Employee Management:

    Monitor labor % based on gross, net, and cars. Complete time sheet, compensation, and access control.

  • House/Fleet Account Tracking:

    One-size doesn’t fit all. Customize accounts to meet your needs along with reporting insight and invoice generation.


Flexible Club Plans

Setup, sell, and manage monthly recurring plans from SONNY'S POS & online interface. With SONNY'S Pay Station integration quickly sell monthly plans from your express lanes.

Simplified Reporting

Seamlessly access overview and detailed reports online from any device — anytime, anywhere. Detailed tracking and management of your sites is always a touch away. If you can’t make it to the site, get your reports delivered to your inbox or via text.

  • Sales Overview
  • Employee Labor Cost
  • Line Item Sales
  • Hourly Labor Costs
  • Sales Detail
  • Recurring Profitability
  • Employee Time Sheets
  • Wash Book Recurring Stats
  • Commissions

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